How to Store Fondant in any presentation

Store Fondant

Fondant is an edible dough with a texture similar to plasticine used in pastries to decorate, so due to its consistency, it is convenient to know how to keep the fondant? The homemade fondant with good storage can last two months at room temperature. The industrial fondant can last up to 2 years thanks to its … Read more

How to Store Chocolate Ganache in 3 Ways (Cake too)

Store Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache is a preparation used for filling and/or covering cakes, cookies, cakes, tarts, and for the preparation of truffles, but how is chocolate ganache preserved? You can keep chocolate ganache at room temperature for two days. To extend its duration, you can refrigerate it for a week. For the long term, you can freeze the chocolate … Read more

How to Store Panela or Piloncillo at Home

Store Panela

Piloncillo is a product derived from sugar cane, and that being an unrefined sweetener, in addition to sucrose, also contains vitamins and minerals that ordinary sugar does not have. Probably you already know that, and if you are here, it is because you want to know, how is piloncillo preserved? Following the conservation guidelines and depending … Read more

How to Store the Quince Paste (Homemade)

Store the Quince Paste

People will prepare quince paste to be able to enjoy the flavor of this fruit throughout the year, since probably, if it is the most common way to store quinces. Now, if you do not store it well, it won’t last long enough; therefore, today, I will show you how to preserve quince paste. Quince paste … Read more