How to Store Fondant in any presentation

Fondant is an edible dough with a texture similar to plasticine used in pastries to decorate, so due to its consistency, it is convenient to know how to keep the fondant?

The homemade fondant with good storage can last two months at room temperature. The industrial fondant can last up to 2 years thanks to its preservatives. However, applied to a dessert, the shelf life of any fondant is only about 3-4 days.

Store Fondant

To learn more about preserving the fondant so that it lasts as long as possible, I invite you to continue reading. 

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Types of Fondant

When we hear the word fondant, the image of a moldable and sweet dough automatically comes to mind, which is how it is mainly known. Still, there are also other types with different flavors and textures, modifying the storage conditions. They are as follows:

  • Liquid Fondant: This is the least known and is usually used for glazing or filling.
  • Elastic fondant – this is the most available and used to make decorations.
  • Cold or extended fondant: although it has a texture similar to elastic, it is mainly used to cover cakes.

Another kind of fondant is combined with chocolate (milk chocolate or white) or marshmallows (not so sweet), which have a softer texture than elastic fondant.

How to store fondant at room temperature?

Preparing or buying a large amount of fondant is always advisable in case of mistakes when using it. Therefore, you need to understand the storage guidelines for fondant, and I will explain the first case at room temperature.

To store the remaining fondant correctly at room temperature, you must follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Check the status of the fondant. 

It should not have traces of cream, nor should it be wet. If stained or wet, it is best to discard it since you will not preserve it for a long time.

  • Step 2. Cut into small pieces.

In this way, you will only take what you need without exposing the rest. 

  • Step 3. Apply vegetable shortening.

To prevent the dough from drying, apply a light layer of shortening to the fondant dough if, and only if, it doesn’t have a lot of powdered sugar or cornstarch on top.

  • Step 4. Wrap with plastic film.

You should wrap with plastic film tightly and firmly to protect the fondant well.

  • Step 5. Store in an airtight container or bag.

Add a layer of protection and prevent the fondant from quickly coming into contact with air and moisture. It is best to store it in an airtight container or bag. 

  • Step 6. Put it in a dark and cool place.

Please do not place the container with fondant where sunlight sticks directly or in a very hot or cold area since it could alter its consistency.

In this way, the fondant can last between one or two months at room temperature. But the commercial fondant can last much longer because of the preservatives, even two years.

How to keep the fondant in the fridge?

Can the fondant be refrigerated? The main ingredient of fondant is sugar, so it is convenient to store it in a place free of moisture; therefore, the fridge is not a good place to keep the fondant

However, you can store liquid fondant in the refrigerator without any problems. To know this, follow these two simple steps:

  • Step 1: Pour in a container with a lid.

The lid is super important to prevent contact with humidity.

  • Step 2: Place in the fridge.

The refrigerated liquid fondant can last for two weeks. You just have to heat it a little in the microwave to use it again.

Can you freeze fondant?

Is it a good idea to freeze the fondant? Unfortunately, the answer is a definite NO. If refrigerating the fondant is risky, freezing it is not an option. Therefore, I do not recommend, under any circumstances, freezing the fondant.

The consistency changes a lot when you put the fondant to thaw; the dough becomes much more delicate if it is not spoiled because of condensation, and its high sugar content makes it unnecessary to freeze. [1]

How can you preserve a dessert with fondant?

You can apply fondant to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other desserts. The way to preserve these desserts is the same as the fondant itself.

It is advisable to keep them at room temperature unless they contain a filling or aggregate that needs refrigeration. The shelf life in both cases is between 2 and 3 days.

Store a fondant dessert at room temperature

This method is pretty much the same as fondant itself, so the steps are:

  • Step 1a. Transfer the dessert to an airtight container.

An airtight container is ideal for preventing air exposure.

  • Step 1b. Wrap the dessert with plastic film.

If you do not have an airtight container, you can use plastic film to wrap your fondant dessert and minimize the air contact.

  • Step 2. Store in the pantry

You can store it in the pantry or the cupboards; the important thing is to be a cool and dark place (at least not directly hit by sunlight).

Store a fondant dessert in the fridge

Some preparations shouldn’t be at room temperature for too long, like, for example, meringue or cream, so if that’s the case, you should store the dessert in the fridge as follows.

  • Step 1. Add a double layer of plastic film.

Remember we said we want to avoid the fridge due to the humidity, so to prevent contact, you should wrap your dessert twice with plastic film.

  • Step 2. Store it in an airtight container.

As in the previous method, where you have two options in step 1, you need to combine both options to store the fondant in the fridge.

  • Step 3. Place it in the fridge.

I recommend placing the container on the top area of the fridge.

How do you preserve figures made of fondant?

With the fondant, you can sculpt many figures that people usually keep as souvenirs, especially if they are gorgeous.

The way to preserve these figures is simple; they can be placed inside a showcase since fondant figures do not attract ants or some other bugs despite being made with sugar.

Of course, you have to put these figures in a cool place that does not stick to the sunlight directly since they would lose their color quickly. You can wrap it in plastic film for better protection, but it is unnecessary. 

You do not have to clean them with water or damp cloth; although they harden, they are still sugar figures. They can last more than five years.

How do you know when the fondant is bad?

When the fondant hardens, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It is common to harden a little if you have stored it for a long time, but some heat may be enough to fix it.

To detect if the fondant is in poor condition, it must have some of these characteristics: 

  • It is discolored. 
  • It falls apart and is not flexible.
  • It has a bad smell.
  • It has mold.
  • It has a weird taste.

In case of presenting any of these characteristics, it is best to discard the fondant

How long does the fondant last?

Industrialized fondant lasts much longer than homemade fondant, but if not appropriately stored, none will last long.

Here I present a table summarizing the fondant shelf life:

ProductDuration time
Homemade fondant at room temperature1-2 months
Industrialized fondant at room temperature2 years
Fondant refrigerated liquid2 weeks
Fondant applied in desserts at room temperature.2-3 days
Fondant applied in refrigerated desserts.2-3 days
Fondant figures at room temperature5 years

What is the best way to preserve the fondant?

Undoubtedly, the best way to preserve fondant is at room temperature since moisture is its main enemy considering it is a product made mostly with sugar. Therefore, if it is refrigerated or frozen, there is a risk of changing the consistency and texture of the dough.

I invite you to explore and read the rest of our content to learn more about this information.


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