How to Store the Quince Paste (Homemade)

People will prepare quince paste to be able to enjoy the flavor of this fruit throughout the year, since probably, if it is the most common way to store quinces. Now, if you do not store it well, it won’t last long enough; therefore, today, I will show you how to preserve quince paste.

Quince paste preserves perfectly well for about 6 or 8 months at room temperature. You can extend its shelf life for 1 or 2 years in the fridge. In addition, you can freeze the quince paste, and it will last 2 years or more.

Store the Quince Paste

If you want to know the best method of storage of quince paste, I invite you to continue reading.

Keep quince paste at room temperature

You can preserve quince paste at room temperature in cool or cold climates. However, if the average temperature exceeds 77°F (25°C), it is best to consider the fridge conservation method.

To store quince paste at room temperature, perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: Wait for the perfect consistency.

If you just prepared the quincy paste, wait for it to get the stiff consistency since it will be much easier to manipulate it. In addition, you will be cold to avoid possible burns.

  • Step 2: Cut.

Preferably, cut it into pieces of the same size before storing it in a container.

  • Step 3: Wrap with plastic film.

Make sure you wrap each piece tightly.

  • Step 4: Line the container with parchment paper.

Vegetable or baking paper will prevent moisture from developing.

  • Step 5: Put the paste in the container.

The container, ideally, should be glass type with an airtight lid, although any airtight container is still proper. 

  • Step 6: Store in a dark and cool place.

The quince paste should not be hit directly by light or heat.

If you follow all these steps, I assure you that the quince paste can last between 6 or 8 months in perfect condition. [1]

Store the quince paste in the fridge

Storing the quince paste in the fridge is a good strategy for hot climates or if you want to extend the shelf life of quince paste a little longer. 

To do it the right way, follow these steps well:

  • Step 1: Wait for it to cool.

This way, it will “curdle” and can be handled much more quickly. 

  • Step 2: Cut into equal pieces.

In this way, you will only take the pieces you want to eat.

  • Step 3: Wrap with film paper.

Remember to tighten the wrap on each piece well. 

  • Step 4: Line the container with baking paper.

Vegetable paper, also known as sulfurized, will prevent moisture from developing.

If you will use a plastic ziplock bag, make a pile with the pieces you wrapped in step 3, wrap all of them again using the baking paper, and then store it in the bag.

  • Step 5: Put it at the bottom of the fridge.

In this area, the temperature is more stable, which will help to store the quince paste for one or two years.

How to freeze the quince paste

Due to the high amount of sugar, quince paste does not freeze even if you place it in the freezer (this means you won’t see this super stiff consistency). However, putting it there slows down the process of the natural deterioration of food given the low temperatures

In theory, if we add the high preservation of the quince paste, with the constant cold provided by a freezer, you could keep the paste in good condition indefinitely.

To do this, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Let it set.

As in the previous methods, just let it get its consistency.

  • Step 2: Cut into pieces.

In this way, only the pieces you want to eat are all you need to take out.

  • Step 3: Wrap with plastic wrap.

You have to make sure you squeeze the film paper well.

  • Step 4: Place inside an airtight container or bag. 

The container must be suitable for freezing. After following the steps, the quince paste can last two years or more

How do you know when quince paste is bad?

If the quince paste spoils, it will be primarily due to terrible storage conditions. For this reason, its intake is not recommended in the case of:

  • Having mold.
  • Rancid and foul smell.
  • Watery consistency, and not firm as it usually should. 

Note: As time goes by, the quince paste takes on a darker color than the one it has freshly made. It does not affect its condition at all; it is only the process of natural oxidation of the fruit.

In fact, some people claim that it enhances its flavor, so many decide to wait about 4 or 6 weeks after having made the quince paste to eat it.

How long does quince paste last?

Depending on the storage conditions of the quince paste, the shelf life may vary.

Below I leave you a summary table of the estimated conservation time:

ProductDuration time
Quince paste at room temperature6 – 8 months
Quince paste in the fridge1 – 2 years
Quince paste in the freezer2 years or more

What is the best way to preserve quince paste?

Quince paste is one of the few foods that last for a long time since it is a storage method for the quinces. 

For example, in cool climates with an average temperature below 77°F (25°C), you can store quince paste at room temperature in a dry, dark place.

On the other hand, if you live in a warm place or want to extend the shelf life a little more, it is advisable to store it in the fridge, which in my opinion, it is the best option

Now, if you want to store the quince paste almost indefinitelythe freezer is the perfect option

If you want to know more about the methods of preservation of other foods, I have an extensive amount of content related to it, so explore and read the ones you want. 


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