How to Store Chard Fresh or Cooked (Canning included)

In our diet, we always include many vegetables, including chard, and also many times we buy a bit extra that spoil over time, so how to store chards for several months?

To store fresh or boiled chard in the short term, keep it in the fridge for three days. Also, you can choose to freeze them for up to 12 months. Finally, another way to preserve it is home canning the chard in jars with a shelf life of over a year. 

Store Chard

Below I will give you the most straightforward ways with some essential tips to keep fresh or cooked chard.

How to store raw chard in the fridge

Chard is a leafy vegetable that is recommended to keep in the fridge if you do not use it immediately because it will maintain its freshness, flavor, and nutrients for several days. 

But, it is necessary to follow the steps correctly to keep chard in the fridge and thus prevent it from rotting quickly.

  • Step 1. Select the chard.

Be sure to select the chard that looks good with bright color, and its leaves are complete.

  • Step 2. Clean the chard sheets.

Clean the chard sheets very well with paper towels. Plus, you should not wash them because they rot faster.

  • Step 3. Find a plastic bag.

Go for a plastic bag like a ziplock, and make some holes, so the air circulates well inside it.

  • Step 4. Place absorbent paper inside the bag.

The paper towels will prevent moisture from accumulating in the bag.

  • Step 5. Put the chard leaves in the bag.

Place each chard sheet inside the bag, be careful not to spoil them, and close it.

  • Step 6. Store in the fridge.

Put the bag in the fridge where you store the vegetables.

Keeping the chard with this method guarantees a shelf life of 2-3 days. [1]

Freeze Chard

Can chard be frozen? Of course, however, you must blanch it first so that the freezing process does not damage them. Nevertheless, this is a simple and fast technique to preserve frozen chard for several months with all its flavor. Below I show you the instructions to do it properly.

  • Step 1. Choose the best chard.

The chard must be fresh, so its leaves do not have any problems or appear spoiled.

  • Step 2. Wash the chard.

Wash the chard thoroughly to remove dirt between the leaves with plenty of water.

  • Step 3. Cut the stem of the chard.

Use a sharp knife to cut the thick stem of each of the chard leaves.

  • Step 4. Place a pot with water to boil.

The pot must be large so that the blanching of the chard is uniform.

  • Step 5. Introduce chard into the water.

When it is boiling, it is time to add the chard for 2 minutes.

  • Step 6. Fill a container with cold water.

The water must be super cold to stop cooking the chard, so add some ice cubes to it.

  • Step 7. Remove chard from hot water.

With the help of a colander or kitchen tweezers, remove the chard from the hot water and immediately place them in the ice water for 2 minutes.

  • Step 8. Drain and dry the leaves.

With a colander, drain the chard leaves. Then you need to dry them on paper towels. There must be no excess water left.

  • Step 9. Separate chard into portions.

Chard portions will help you thaw the one you need.

  • Step 10. Look for plastic bags.

Place each of the chard portions in separate plastic bags. It closes very well.

  • Step 11. Label the bags.

Write the current date on a label and stick it to the bags.

  • Step 12. Store in the freezer.

Put each portion of chard in your plastic bags into the freezer.

When you freeze the chard, it will remain for 10-12 months in the freezer.

How to keep boiled chard

I got you covered if you cooked the chard and have some leftovers. And the reality is that there are two places where you can store the cooked chard, which is the fridge and freezer, and the steps, in any case, are the same. Let’s go there:

  • Step 1. Let the chard cool.

The steam produced when it is hot may result in mold, so we need to wait for it to cool.

  • Step 2. Cut the chard.

It is easier to store it in small pieces.

  • Step 3. Put the cut chard in plastic bags.

You can distribute them in equal portions in different bags depending on the quantity. Then, after that, close it very well.

  • Step 4. Store chard.

You can store boiled chard in the fridge by staying intact for three days.

Also, you can freeze boiled chard lasting up to 12 months in perfect condition.

Home canning chard

If you want to store the chard without using the fridge, this option is for you. 

Learn the following steps to make this delicious recipe.

  • Step 1. Choose the chard.

Choose the chard that has large leaves whose color shines. 

  • Step 2. Cut the chard.

You must remove the stem from each chard and cut them into medium pieces.

  • Step 3. Wash chard very well.

With plenty of water, wash the chard very well. Make sure they don’t get dirty between their leaves.

  • Step 4. Drain the cut chard.

Find a strainer or colander, and add the cut chard to remove excess water.

  • Step 5. Place a pot with water to boil.

In a large pot, add water and salt, and bring it to a boil.

  • Step 6. Introduce the chard into the hot water.

Place chard when the salted water is boiling for 10 minutes.

  • Step 7. Look for some glass jars.

Glass jars should have airtight lids, and they must be sterilized.

  • Step 8. Remove the chard and add it to the jars.

After cooking, remove the chard and add it to the glass jars, leaving one finger between the lid. Then, you should cover the chard with the water you cooked it. Then close it tightly.

  • Step 9. Place the glass jars in a water bath.

Use a large pot with enough water, place the jars with the chard and cook for 15 minutes. 

This will create a vacuum packaging that will preserve the chard for a long time.

You can place a tea towel between the jars to prevent them from rubbing while boiling.

  • Step 10. Remove and let cool.

Then remove the jars and place them upside down on your countertop throughout the night to cool down.

  • Step 11. Store in the pantry.

The pantry should be dry and fresh. Make sure it is not damp and does not receive sunlight.

Keeping the chard in jars ensures the flavor of this vegetable for a long time without opening. Then, when you open it, you can store it in the fridge for up to 2 days.

How do you know when chard is bad?

Poor handling can quickly spoil chard, resulting in an unpleasant bitter taste that ruins our preparations. In addition, this vegetable is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so how do you know when chard is bad? Today we will indicate some signs that show that the chard is not in good condition and should be discarded.

  • The leaves of the chard are withered.
  • Some parts of the chard are not complete, probably bitten by insects.
  • The chard becomes yellowish.

How long does chard last?

ProductShelf life
Fresh chard in the fridge2-3 days.
Frozen chard10-12 months.
Chard steamed in the fridge3 days.
Frozen steamed chard12 months.
Canned chard (unopened)1-2 years
Canned chard (opened) in the fridge2 days in the fridge

What is the best way to preserve chard?

In the short term, the best way to preserve chard is in the fridge lasting up to 3 days, and you can use this method for fresh or steamed chard.

But, if you have bought a large amount of chard and want its shelf life extended up to a year, you should freeze or can the chard.

I hope you liked the article; put into practice one of the ways of preserving chard, I assure you that work. I also invite you to read other posts on the website.


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