How to Store Wheat Germ: 3 Methods

Wheat germ is the embryonic layer of the seed fully loaded with nutrients. If you don’t store it properly, it can damage quickly. Therefore, we just created this guide for you to realize how to store the wheat germ. 

To prolong its shelf life, you should keep the wheat germ in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. Then, to extend its duration, you can choose to freeze the germ for 8 months. Finally, the method that allows the most extended shelf life is roasting the wheat germ, where you reach 12 months. 

Store Wheat Germ

We will explain how to carry out the preservation of wheat germ in every possible way in the future, so keep reading.

Store wheat germ in the fridge

When you refrigerate the wheat germ, the temperatures go down, preventing the oil content from developing a bitter and rancid taste.

The process to keep the wheat germ in the fridge is quite simple. Below is the step by step:

  • Step 1: Change the container.

If the container or packaging in which you bought the wheat germ does not guarantee an airtight closure, transfer it to another one with that.

  • Step 2: Divide by portions.

You can divide the wheat germ into portions for individual consumption for better use. To do it, use plastic bags.

  • Step 3: Label it.

It is necessary to label each container or bag with the date when doing this.

  • Step 4: Refrigerate

Finally, store them in the coldest part of the fridge and only take them out of it when you want to consume them.

With the storage of wheat germ in the refrigerator, you can prolong the use of this nutritious cereal for about 2-3 months. [1]

How to freeze the wheat germ

Can you freeze the wheat germ? The wheat germ can be frozen for eight months if you have a good amount of it to store. You can ensure the quality of the product for that period by following the guidelines.

Here is the step by step to freeze the wheat germ.

  • Step 1: Pack into small portions

To avoid thawing and to refreeze the wheat germ, which can generate moisture and the appearance of fungi in this cereal, we recommend dividing it into freezer bags. One cup per bag may be enough. 

  • Step 2: Packaging

The ideal is to use ziplock bags since these are the best to guarantee a proper hermetic closure.

  • Step 3: Vacuum sealing

Once you have packed the proper amount of wheat germ, you should flat the bag, press it against the table, and close the bag, letting a space where we will place a straw to remove as much air as we can. Then close it tightly.

  • Step 4: Labeling

As we always mention, you must label the container with the current date to keep control of the storage.

  • Step 5: Take to the freezer

Place it in the freezer, and we are ready. Remember to take it out just when you are going to use it. The duration of frozen wheat germ can be up to 8 months. [2]

How to roast wheat germ

Roasting the wheat germ is ideal for various recipes because it does not alter the flavor but does influence its duration.

To know the procedure to carry out the roasting of wheat germ, keep reading.

Baked toast

It is perhaps one of the fastest ways to get roasted wheat germ, the steps to follow are:

  • Step 1: Preheat the oven

Before roasting the wheat germ in the oven, you must preheat the oven to 350°F.

  • Step 2: Place the wheat germ on a tray.

Spread the desired amount of cereal in an ovenproof tray.

  • Step 3: Put in the oven

Place the baking tray in the oven for about 5 minutes or until you notice that the wheat germ has changed color.

  • Step 4: Cool and pack

Let the wheat germ cool and then store in a bag or glass jars and take to the fridge to prolong the duration.

Toasted in a pan

This is one of the most common ways to roast wheat germ for those who do not own an oven at home or do not want to turn it on.

The step by step to roast wheat germ in a pan is as follows:

  • Step 1: Preheat the pan

Choose a pan with an iron or copper bottom (if you do not have any of these, use the one you have at home) and preheat it to distribute the heat evenly.

  • Step 2: Start toasting.

When the pan begins to smoke, add the wheat germ. If the pan is tiny, only pour about three tablespoons. The idea is that it is not piled up to ensure a good roast.

  • Step 3: Agitate

Shaking or moving the pan is similar to when preparing popcorn at home. 

  • Step 4: Turn off the heat

Keep the pan shaking while listening to the explosion of the wheat germ. Once the noise ceases, please remove it from the fire.

  • Step 5: Cool and pack

Add the wheat germ to a bowl and let cool, then pack in airtight plastic bags or containersYou can store the roasted wheat germ in the fridge for 12 months.

How to know if the wheat germ is bad?

Many indications will let you know that wheat germ is not consumable. One of the main ones is the change in its smell; the smell of fresh wheat germ is like roasted walnuts. If this has changed and smells rancid, better consider not consuming it. 

The presence of mold on the wheat germ is also an excellent way to

know that it is not in good condition. Mold usually occurs when exposed to high temperatures or places with humidity. 

The change in taste can also indicate if the wheat germ has some

damage. When you taste it, you will perceive a more bitter, rancid taste, so you will know it is the moment to discard it.

How long does wheat germ last?

The duration of wheat germ is relative. In essence, this will depend on

how it is stored and may even rely on the quality of the wheat germ.

The following table summarizes

the duration of wheat germ according to the storage in any case.

Wheat germ packaged and sealedMore than 12 months.
Open and unrefrigerated wheat germ2 weeks
Refrigerated Wheat Germ3 months.
Frozen wheat germ8 months
Roasted wheat germ12 months

What is the best method of conservation?

All the methods described above aim to prolong the duration of the wheat germ. So to explain what is the best way to store the wheat germ, we need to take into account how much we have and how much we are going to use.

For example, if you use the wheat germ continuously, just keeping them in the fridge may be enough since you will use all of it quickly. While if you are looking for a longer duration, the frozen is the most indicated.

On the other hand, when you have large quantities of this raw cereal, you can roast the wheat germ, getting a product with a pleasant taste. 

You know how to preserve the wheat germ for longer now, but you can check the guidelines to store more food in the following articles.  



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