How to Store Nougats or Torrones (homemade)

It is widespread to find a nougat snack on the market, but nothing is better than a homemade one. And here we find another problem; it goes gummy real quick unless you follow our guidelines to preserve the nougat longer.

Store Nougat

Nougat can be stored in a dark, cool place at room temperature for two weeks. If stored correctly, you can place it in the fridge for up to 3 weeks, and frozen can last a year.

If you want to learn how to store nougat correctly, I invite you to keep reading.

How to preserve nougat?

Before explaining the different conservation methods, we should clarify that although industrially manufactured nougat and homemade nougat have the same storage guidelines. However, they do not last the same.

Commercial nougats have preservatives that make them last longer. They also come packaged exceptionally, which contributes to longer shelf life. 

On the other hand, nougats tend to last a little less than those of hard consistency, and you can store any of them at room temperature, in the fridge, or in the freezer.

Store nougats at room temperature

The hard nougat is preserved much better at room temperature than the soft nougat, which is something you have to keep in mind in order to choose this storage.

To store the nougat at room temperature, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Let it cool down.

If you prepared nougat at home, it is best to wait for it to cool. But you have to keep something in mind: don’t wait for the hard nougat to cool completely, since later it would be more complicated to cut it.

In the case of soft nougat, you have to wait for it to be completely cold. Otherwise, it would not be easy to manipulate.

  • Step 2: Cut the nougat.

It is advisable to cut elongated portions since they preserve better. Put oil on the knife to cut so that the nougat does not stick to the blade.

  • Step 3: Wrap the pieces.

You can wrap it with film or rice paper. The advantage of rice paper is that it is edible, and as you may know, sometimes nougat sticks a lot to the packaging (soft nougat), so it is more convenient.

Then cover it again with aluminum foil or parchment paper.

  • Step 4: Label the package.

You know we like when we have things under control, and when you label the container with the storage date, you control the storage.

  • Step 5: Store in an airtight container.

Place the container in a dark, dry, and cool place. The hard nougat can last two weeks at room temperature, while the soft nougat can only last three days[1]

In the case of commercial nougat, just leave it on its package, but if you open it to eat a little, store it in the airtight container as we just showed you. 

Thus, commercial nougat can last about two or three weeks at room temperature.

Keep torrones in the fridge

Humidity is the main enemy of nougat, but when it is very hot (summer), it is better to store it in the fridge, especially if the torrone is soft.

So, before storing it, you have to take precautions to keep moisture away or prevent it from over-drying, and we have the following steps for that:

  • Step 1: Wait for it to cool.

If it is still fresh, it is advisable to wait for it to cool a little in the case of hard nougat and completely in soft nougat to make it easier to handle.

  • Step 2: Chop in large portions (long bars).

We recommend you chop the nougats in large portions.

  • Step 3: Wrap the pieces.

It would be ideal if you use rice paper regarding the sticky consistency of the nougat. However, you can also wrap it with a plastic film.

  • Step 4: Fill the container with waxed paper.

Waxed paper will keep moisture and dry air away from modern refrigerators. In addition, make sure the container is airtight.

  • Step 5: Write the storage date.

You will probably store it for more than a few days, so it is always good to place the storage date.

  • Step 6: Store it in the fridge. 

After covering the airtight container, the nougats can be in the fridge for three weeks

In the case of commercial nougats, please keep them in their original package. In case you open the box, start from step 3. 

The commercial nougat could last between 3 or 5 weeks inside the fridge and up to a year if you didn’t open it.

How to Freeze nougat

Can nougat be frozen? Yes, you can freeze nougats. However, it is not an option I recommend, as there are many controversies. 

Some experts believe that the nougat may be perfect in the freezer if you store it well. Others think that the freezer makes the nougat lose flavor. What is clear is the consistency does not change.

To store the nougat in the freezer, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Let it cool down.

Let it get the room temperature.

  • Step 2: Cut the nougat.

We recommend cutting large, elongated portions, not so small. Add some oil to the knife to cut it better.

  • Step 3: Double wrapping.

First, as we mentioned, use rice paper since it’s edible, but a plastic film is also helpful to wrap. Then, add a second layer with aluminum foil. 

  • Step 4: Line the container internally.

The container must be suitable for freezing, and you should cover it internally with aluminum or waxed paper. The idea behind that is to prevent the cold and dry environment from affecting the nougats. 

  • Step 5: Label the container.

Place the date when you are going to store the torrones.

  • Step 6: Freeze it.

After covering the container well, you can store the nougat in the freezer for one year

To guarantee the highest quality, we recommend you consume this sweet before a year has elapsed, even when it can last longer.

How do you know if nougats are bad?

It is difficult for a nougat to spoil, given the amount of sugar and the oil of the nuts. However, if you didn’t store it correctly, the torrone could get damaged quickly

It could dry out if you expose it to the sun or direct light for an extended period.

Or, if the place where you stored the torrone is very humid, it could damage their consistency and potentially absorb the smell of other foods.

But a nougat is bad if it has many lumps and spots and has a different color

If it has a bad taste, discard it immediately to avoid stomach poisoning. It doesn’t make any sense to eat something that tastes bad instead of delicious.

Important note: the nougat with almonds usually releases oil from the nut, which is perfectly normal and does not affect the nougat.

How long do nougats last?

The shelf life of the nougat depends on the variety and the storage method. For that reason, we summarized the shelf life in the following table:

ProductShelf life
Hard nougat at room temperature2 weeks
Soft nougat at room temperature2 – 3 days
Commercial nougat at room temperature2 – 3 weeks
Refrigerated nougat3 weeks
Refrigerated commercial nougat (uncapped)1 year
Refrigerated commercial nougat (uncovered)3 – 5 weeks
Frozen nougat1 year

What is the best way to preserve nougat?

That depends on the type of nougat but also your own requirements. The best way to preserve the soft nougats is in the fridge due to their consistency.

On the other hand, hard nougat and commercially manufactured nougat preserve well at room temperature.

Freezing is an option for those who make nougat at home and want to store it for a long time; however, it is not the best option since the freezer could lose its flavor..

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  1. It is a bad idea to store nougat in the fridge/freezer because nougat can’t tolerate water and the low temperatures will lead to a indesired result. Try, instead, to store in a wine cooler set at 18°C (64°F). It must be wrapped in polypropylene or Polyethylene because it serves as water barrier. Keep inside a tight container.


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