How to Store Pecans W/O shell (Pie included)

Store Pecans

Pecans, also called pecan nuts, are a type of nut rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. They also provide healthy fats to our bodies, but what matters today is how to store pecans. You can store the pecans at room temperature for 3 to 4 months with or without the shell. Also, they can last between … Read more

How to Store Cashew Nuts (Raw, Roasted, Butter)

Store Cashew Nuts

Cashews are a type of dried fruit obtained by drying the seed of the fruit that the cashew tree (also called caju) bears, but, How are cashews preserved? You can store cashews at room temperature for 2 to 4 weeks. If you store them in the fridge, they can last about six months, but if you … Read more

How to Store Almonds (Peeled, Raw, Toasted)

Store Almonds

Almost are delicious; they are always present in my diet, and maybe yours, so if you are like me, sometimes you may buy a lot of almonds. You can use them for nougats or flour too. For that reason, you need to understand how to store almonds properly. Almonds with peel can be stored in … Read more

How to Store Nougats or Torrones (homemade)

Store Nougat

It is widespread to find a nougat snack on the market, but nothing is better than a homemade one. And here we find another problem; it goes gummy real quick unless you follow our guidelines to preserve the nougat longer. Nougat can be stored in a dark, cool place at room temperature for two weeks. If … Read more