How to Keep Leftover Tacos Crispy

Tacos are one of the most popular Mexican dishes worldwide. We know that they are prepared in many ways, with varied fillings, but what is unknown until now is how to store tacos.

You can keep tacos without filling at room temperature for 3 or 5 days, but if they are stuffed, you should store them in the fridge for 3 or 4 days. It is possible to extend its duration even more if the tacos are frozen, with results of up to 3 months.

Keep Tacos Crispy

Just read on if you want to learn how to store tacos properly.

How to preserve tacos at room temperature?

As tacos are prepared in different ways, they can carry other ingredients. However, when the taco is stuffed should not be left for more than 12 hours at room temperature.

You can put them in a heater for a whole day, but not beyond that. However, you can store tacos without filling in the cupboard well covered, which is basically keeping the tortilla itself.

To store the taco without filling at room temperature, you can do the following:

  1. Wait for the taco to cool.
  2. Wrap in plastic or aluminum foil.
  3. Save in an airtight container.
  4. Place in a dark and cool place.

If you want to see the steps in detail, check the post about the tortilla storage (heading store in the pantry).

How to keep tacos in the fridge?

In general, leftover tacos are usually stored in the fridge, and the amount and the kind of filling will determine the shelf life of tacos. 

The greater the filling, the shorter the shelf life, especially if they have vegetables, since tacos stuffed with meat and cheese usually last longer

To store the tacos in the fridge. You have to follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Wait for it to cool.

If the tacos are hot, wait for them to cool completely. So, you can place them on a slit or paper towels to cool and remove excess oil.

  • Step 2: Wrap with aluminum foil.

Wrap each taco with aluminum foil so that they can retain their texture. 

  • Step 3: Place inside an airtight container.

Avoid placing the tacos on top of each other because you will ruin them. Also, you can line the container internally with parchment paper to keep moisture away.

  • Step 4: Store in the fridge.

If you follow all these steps, the tacos can be 3 or 5 days in the refrigerator, depending on the filling. Then, to heat, leave them for a few minutes in the oven.

Keep in my it is more efficient to store the ingredients separately.

How to freeze tacos?

Can tacos be frozen? Depending on the type of filling, tacos may or may not freeze, which is why I do NOT recommend this option.

To properly freeze the tacos with filling, you have to follow these steps to the letter:

  • Step 1: Wait for it to cool.

Like the previous steps, you should not save the tacos if they are freshly made because the steam would condense inside and ruin their consistency.

  • Step 2: Wrap.

Each cue is wrapped with aluminum foil carefully.

  • Step 3: Place inside an airtight container.

Do not stack them when you place them inside an airtight container suitable for freezing.

  • Step 4: Label the container.

The date of storage of the tacos is placed.

  • Step 5: Save to the freezer.

Following all these steps, tacos with filling can last between 1 and 2 months frozen.

To thaw the tacos, it is convenient to use the microwaves to thaw and the oven to reheat.

If you want to know how to freeze the tortillas, check the specific post.

How to preserve commercial tacos?

At this point, let’s consider two types of commercial tacos. The first is the one you bought as street food, ready to eat. In this case, follow the previous guidelines to store them.

However, many companies sell frozen tacos or taco kits with the prepared tortilla. In these cases, the tacos come vacuum sealed and kept cold, so the first thing to keep in mind is not to break the cold chain.

The commercial tacos should be stored directly in the freezer, for one year or until the expiration date. [1]

However, they can also be stored in the fridge but will last less, about two weeks, especially if you open the package. 

How do you know if tacos are bad?

It will be enough to smell or taste them to know if the tacos are spoiled. The tacos have already exceeded their shelf life if they have a rancid or stinky smell or taste

Eating the tacos is also not advisable if you notice spots on them, such as dark or greenish, indicating that they have developed mold, which is harmful to the body.

The very watery tacos are not so enjoyable, but these do not have side effects for the organism, nor do those with a chewy or very hard texture.

How long do tacos last?

Unfilled tacos at room temperature3 – 5 days
Unfilled tacos in the fridge1 week
Unfilled tacos frozen2 – 3 months
Stuffed tacos in the fridge4 – 5 days
Stuffed tacos frozen1 – 2 months
Industrial tacos in the fridge2 weeks
Industrial tacos frozen1 year (or until expiration date)

What’s the best way to preserve tacos?

The best option is to store each ingredient before you make the taco.

But for stuffed tacos, the best option is to keep them refrigerated.

Commercial tacos that come packaged and sold in supermarkets usually last a long time if they remain sealed and frozen.

On the other hand, the tacos they sell in food stalls will last the same as the homemade stuffed tacos or less.

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