How to Store Macarons (Stuffed or not) Best Guide

You can store macarons at room temperature macarons for 24 hours. In the fridge, you can keep unfilled macarons lasting between 4 and 7 days and filled between 2 and 4 days. To extend its shelf life, you can freeze the unfilled macarons for 6 to 8 months and the filled macarons for 3 to 4 months.

To learn in detail the correct way to preserve macarons, read on. 

Store Macarons

How to store macarons at room temperature?

This is a method I do not recommend unless you are going to eat the same day, especially if the weather is very hot.

But if there is no other choice, it is best to follow the next tips:

  • Step 1: Place in a container with a lid.

In this way, you prevent air circulation between the macarons, making them not spoil quickly.

  • Step 2: Do not place in direct sunlight. 

Preferably, macarons should be put in a cool place, without direct heat, as they could affect the consistency of the cookies.

Macarons should not be more than 24 hours at room temperature.

How to keep macarons in the fridge?

The idea is to eat the macarons when cold, so storing them in the fridge is ideal

There are two ways to keep macarons in the refrigerator, depending on whether you will store the unfilled macarons (aka cookies) or fill them (normals macarons). 

Keep macarons cookies in the fridge

The filling of the macarons adds moisture, reducing their shelf life, so saving only the cookies is a good option.

Not only will it extend its shelf life, but the quality and consistency of the macarons cookies will be like the first day. 

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to store macarons in the fridge.

  • Step 1: Let them cool down.

Macaron cookies are incredibly delicate when they come out of the oven, so you should only handle them once they cool completely.

  • Step 2: Place in an airtight container. 

The container should be dry; if it is large enough, you can stack the macarons on top of each other, placing parchment or baking paper between them so they do not stick

  • Step 3: Put the macarons in the middle or bottom of the refrigerator.

It is vitally crucial that macarons are kept at a stable temperature. Generally, the temperature remains stable in the middle or at the bottom of the refrigerator.

Refrigerated macaron cookies can last between 4 to 7 days

Tip: Cover the airtight container with plastic film to add an extra layer of protection to prevent air or moisture from entering. 

Keep stuffed macarons in the fridge

Although this can reduce the number of days it can be in the fridge, sometimes it is more convenient to store them ready, especially if they are made to sell.

The way to preserve them is similar to storing them without filling them.

  • Step 1: Prepare the airtight container.

After assembling the macarons, ensure the airtight container is completely dry. You should avoid extra moisture because the filling is enough.

  • Step 2: Separate with baking paper.

Placing baking paper or parchment between them will prevent them from sticking. In this case, keeping them on top of each other is not advisable.

But if you have no more place to store, you must place a layer of baking paper or parchment between them. 

  • Step 3: Refrigerate.

Put the container with the macarons at the bottom of the refrigerator so that they maintain a stable temperature. 

You can cover the container with plastic wrapping paper. In the fridge, stuffed macarons can last between 2 and 4 days

How to freeze macarons?

Can macarons be frozen? Absolutely! In fact, macarons are one of the few desserts that you can freeze well. 

However, the duration varies, just like refrigerated, if the cookies are stored alone or with filling. [1]

How to freeze the macarons cookies

As the preparation of macarons cookies is a bit complicated, freezing them is a great way to preserve a significant amount for a long time without losing quality

It is ideal if you sell a lot of macarons as you can spend a whole day making lots of cookies and assemble them only when necessary.

Follow these steps to store them properly:

  • Step 1: Let them cool down.

Here it is even more critical that the macarons do not have heat inside before freezing them to prevent them from condensing and changing texture.

  • Step 2: Place in an airtight container.

The container must be airtight and dry, as moisture could damage the macarons and cause frost burns. 

  • Step 3: Separate between layers with parchment paper.

If you have many and the container is large, you can stack one on top of the other and place a layer of baking paper or parchment between them.

Frozen macaron cookies last approximately 6 to 8 months.

Freeze stuffed macarons

If you have bought a lot of macarons already stuffed, it is best to freeze them.

To do that, check the following steps.

  • Step 1: Prepare the airtight container.

The container should be completely dry. Once you check that, put a layer of parchment paper at the bottom.

  • Step 2: Separate the macarons.

Macarons should be far enough apart from each other to avoid touching and not sticking. Therefore, it is best to separate them with strips of parchment or baking paper. 

You can store macarons for about 3-4 months in the freezer. 

How to properly defrost macarons?

Anyone would think that to defrost macarons should only be left at room temperature. But it’s a big mistake! The drastic temperature change could affect the texture of the macarons

It is best to put them in the fridge at least overnight (two days before eating is better) so they slowly acclimate.

After two days, the macarons are removed for about twenty minutes at room temperature before consuming. That way, they won’t condense. 

How do you know when macarons are bad?

As with all meals, at some point, they can spoil. Macarons in poor condition have the following signs:

  • Extremely dry surface.
  • Porous internal texture.
  • Cookies crumble easily.
  • Filling with rancid taste.

In case of presenting one or several signs, it is best to discard them.

How long do macarons last?

ProductShelf life
Macarons at room temperature24 hours
Macarons without filling in the fridge4 – 7 days
Macarons with filling in the fridge2 – 4 days
Frozen unfilled macarons6 – 8 months
Frozen macarons3 – 4 months

What is the best way to preserve macarons?

The best way to preserve macarons is to refrigerate them. This way, the texture, and quality will be assured, with or without filling.

If you have made or bought a considerable amount, you can freeze them without any problem. In fact, macarons are one of the few desserts that freeze very well.

Please do not keep the macarons at room temperature, as they are quickly damaged, with an estimated shelf life of 24 hours.

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