How to Store Jalapenos (fresh, dried, oil & more)

For jalapeno peppers lovers, having them for months is a dream. Although there can always be problems such as wilting or rotting quickly, that’s why you need to understand how to store jalapenos correctly.

You can store jalapeno peppers at room temperature for five days. To extend their shelf life, you can keep them in the fridge for seven days. Freezing or drying jalapenos keep them for 10-12 months. Recipes such as jalapenos in oil or vinegar maintain them for half a year.

Store Jalapenos

Keep reading if you want to apply any of these methods perfectly.

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How to preserve jalapeno peppers in the pantry

To preserve jalapeños in the pantry does not require much effort. You just have to know that it is not meant for large quantities. 

With that in mind, I explain how to store them at room temperature.

  • Step 1. Select the jalapeños.

This step may sound logical, but it is pretty effective to select those in good condition (thick, hard to the touch, and bright colors).

  • Step 2. Clean the jalapeños.

With a paper towel, clean the jalapenos very well, but beware, you should not wash them because this accelerates the decomposition process.

  • Step 3. Find a paper bag.

Look for a paper bag as this is a secret to keeping the jalapenos in better condition for several days.

  • Step 4. Put the jalapenos in the paper bag.

Place the jalapenos that you want to keep in the paper bag and make a fold at the tip without squeezing them too much.

  • Step 5. Store in the pantry.

Place it in the pantry, ensuring it is cool and dark and not in contact with other vegetables or fruits.

Keeping jalapeños in the pantry maintains their freshness for five days. 

How to keep jalapeños in the fridge

Keeping the jalapeños in the fridge allows you to enjoy this pepper for a few more days than the previous method. 

Here is how you do it.

  • Step 1. Choose jalapeños.

Select the large jalapenos with a bright color that shows you their freshness.

  • Step 2. Clean the jalapeños.

Clean the jalapenos using paper towels to remove any dirt.

When you keep jalapeños in the fridge, it is not advisable to wash them because they will get damaged by moisture.

  • Step 3. Put the jalapeños in a plastic bag.

Place the jalapenos in a plastic bag without closing completely, so they are airy and do not wither.

  • Step 4. Store jalapeños in the fridge.

Once you fill the bag with the jalapeños, place it in the fridge’s vegetable drawer since it is ideal for retaining its humidity level.

With this method to keep fresh and whole jalapeños in the fridge, they can last you in good condition for up to 7 days. [1]

How to freeze jalapeños

Jalapeños withstand the freezing process very well, although you must blanch them first to remain firm and last longer. 

Below, I explain in detail how to freeze jalapeños.

  • Step 1. Select jalapeños.

You have to select brightly colored jalapenos that are stiff when touched.

  • Step 2. Wash jalapeños well.

Place the jalapeños in a colander and wash them with plenty of cold water. You should scrub very well with your hands or use a soft sponge.

  • Step 3. Find a pot to blanch jalapeños.

Find a large pot with plenty of water and let it boil.

  • Step 4. Prepare a bowl with ice water.

Fill another bowl with enough ice and water to cover the jalapenos, since here you will put the jalapeños once you take them out of the boiled water.

  • Step 5. Blanching jalapeños.

Once the water is boiling, pour the jalapenos and boil for 2 minutes

  • Step 6. Pouring jalapeños into the icy water.

After two minutes, transfer them into the ice water with the help of a strainer or tweezers. You should stir them for a minute.

  • Step 7. Remove the seed from the jalapeños.

After the minute of the jalapeños in the ice water, take them out and leave them on a cutting board.

Cut the jalapeños each in half and remove the seeds.

  • Step 8. Cut jalapeños into strips.

Cut every half jalapeno you have into slices or strips.

  • Step 9. Place the jalapeños in a plastic container.

Look for a freezer-resistant container that is clean and dry and fill it with the jalapeños. Commonly, you will use a ziplock bag, but another kind of container works well as soon it is apt for freezing.

  • Step 10. Store in the freezer.

Put the container with the jalapenos in the freezer, preferably at the bottom, so it receives cold quickly.

With this technique, you can keep frozen jalapeños for about 10-12 months.

How to dry jalapeños

Drying the jalapeños makes them stay for a long time without a fridge, preserving the intense smell and flavor, making it an essential condiment in our kitchen. There are several ways to dry jalapeños, but I will explain an easy method you can use in the conventional oven at home. Here you have the instructions:

  • Step 1. Select jalapeños.

Jalapeños should be brightly colored and hard when touched.

  • Step 2. Clean the jalapeños.

Clean the jalapenos with absorbent paper to remove everything dirty.

  • Step 3. Find a baking sheet.

Look for a baking sheet and spread the whole jalapeños. Ensure they do not touch each other.

  • Step 4. Dry the jalapeños.

Let the jalapeños dry for 6 hours in the hot oven at the lowest temperature. Halfway, it would be best to turn them over, so they dry on both sides.

Dehydrated jalapenos will have a crunchy texture and look dark in color.

  • Step 5. Remove from the oven and let them rest.

When they are dry, remove the jalapeños from the oven. Let them cool. If you want to know where to store them, check the next heading.

How to store dried jalapeños?

There are two ways to store dried jalapeños. Of course, you must choose the best suits you, depending on how you want to eat them.

  • Keep them whole: Place whole dried jalapeños in glass containers, close tightly, and store them in the pantry.
  • Grind the dried jalapeños: Remove the seeds, grind them in a food processor, and store them in a glass jar. You will get a powder similar to paprika, oregano, or the condiment you generally use.

In both cases, you can enjoy dried jalapeños for up to 1 year or more, stored in the pantry.

How to pickle jalapeños

You can preserve jalapeños in vinegar, a simple technique that maintains its quality for a long time but gives them a super incredible flavor without requiring a fridge.

If you want to practice this recipe, you have the step-by-step below.

  • Step 1. Choose jalapeños.

Select the best jalapeños, which are firm and look very fresh.

  • Step 2. Wash the jalapenos.

With plenty of cold water, wash each of them. Then, use a sponge to remove the dirt better.

  • Step 3. Remove moisture from jalapeños.

Spread the jalapenos on paper towels to remove moisture from each.

  • Step 4. Cutting the jalapeños.

Once the jalapeños are free of moisture, cut each into slices, leaving the seeds.

You can wear gloves so that your hands do not burn with the seeds of jalapeños.

  • Step 5. Find a glass jar or container with an airtight lid.

Look for a glass container to place the jalapenos.

  • Step 6. Pour the jalapeños into the glass container.

Once cut, pour it into the glass container and let it sit while you prepare the pickle.

  • Step 7. Find a pot to prepare the pickle.

Get a large pot and fill it with one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water, 3,5oz of granulated sugar, two teaspoons of salt, 2oz of sliced red onion, one clove of crushed garlic, and a teaspoon of coriander seed.

Boil all this mixture over high heat.

  • Step 8. Pour the pickle into the glass jar.

Once the pickle boils, remove the pot from the kitchen and add it to the glass container.

  • Step 9. Let the pickle cool.

After an hour that the pickle is already cold, you must hermetically cover the jar.

  • Step 10. Boil in a bain-marie or water bath.

It is necessary to boil the glass container in a bain-marie so that the bottle is vacuum sealed.

Place the jars in a large pot and boil for 30 minutes.

Remove and let cool to room temperature.

  • Step 11. Store in the pantry.

Place the jars in a dark and cool place which can be your pantry or cupboard. The pickled jalapeños will last about 5-6 months in the pantry.

How to store roasted jalapeno peppers in oil

Another way to preserve jalapeños is in oil, keeping the flavor, texture, and spicy of these peppers for a long time, and the best thing is the flavor that the oil will take

This method is effortless and does not require much time, know the steps below.

  • Step 1. Select the best jalapeños.

Jalapeños should be prominent with good thickness and stiff when touched.

  • Step 2. Wash the jalapenos.

With plenty of cold water, wash them one by one removing all the dirt.

  • Step 3. Cutting the jalapeños.

You can wear gloves to cut the jalapenos so that you do not feel burning in your hands when touching the seeds.

Cut the jalapenos into strips, preserving the seeds.

  • Step 4. Find a baking sheet.

Look for a baking sheet and put parchment paper on it. Place the strips of the jalapenos in a single layer so make sure you don’t pile them up.

Warm up the oven.

  • Step 5. Put the tray with the jalapeños in the oven.

Once the oven is hot, introduce the tray with the jalapenos and leave them for 5 minutes. You must turn them over so that their roast is homogeneous. The ideal point of the jalapeños is when you see that they are golden on both sides.

  • Step 6. Remove the jalapeños from the oven.

When fully roasted, remove the jalapeños from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes.

  • Step 7. Find a glass container.

Look for a clean glass container and place the roasted jalapeños well distributed. Then you must add olive oil and cover them completely. Close tightly.

  • Step 8. Store in the fridge.

Place the container with the jalapeños in oil in the fridge

Using this method, you will keep the jalapeños in oil for six months in the refrigerator. 

How do you know when jalapeños are bad?

Check the most common signs to recognize if the jalapeños are bad:

  • They have an awful smell (stink).
  • They have some brown spots on his skin, indicating that they are damaged.
  • It has withered and starts to release liquid when you grab it.
  • It has mold on its stem.

How long do jalapeños last?

ProductShelf life
Jalapeños in at room temperature5 days.
Jalapeños in the fridge7 days.
Frozen jalapeños10-12 months.
Jalapeños in vinegar5-6 months.
Jalapeños in oil6 months.
Dried jalapeños1 year or more.

What is the best way to preserve jalapeños?

In the case of jalapenos, I don’t think there is the best way to preserve them since every single method is excellent here, but I will try to guide you as much as possible. 

It is best to keep the jalapenos in the fridge if you have a few of them.

When you want to enjoy jalapeños for a long time and have bought several of them, you should dry them or store them in oil.

I hope you liked this post. Check how to store the food you use the most using the search bar or the following articles.


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