How to Store Blood Sausages (black puddings too)

Do you love blood sausages? If your answer is a yes, you probably have questioned many things, but I am sure one of them and the reason you are here is How to keep blood sausages correctly?

You must use the refrigerator for a maximum period of 20 days to preserve blood sausages. If you do not want to use the fridge, you can keep blood sausages in oil for up to 6 months. However, the most effective long-term preservation method is freezing, with results of up to 1 year. 

Store Blood Sausages

Stay with me, and I guarantee that your blood sausages will remain delicious and fresh in your home.

How to preserve fresh blood sausages

Like all types of sausages made from meat products and their derivatives, you must keep fresh blood sausages in the fridge to prevent them from breaking down quickly.

Therefore, I show you the steps to preserve fresh blood sausages efficiently and safely. 

  • Step 1. Roll the blood sausages on plastic film.

Wrap the blood sausages on plastic film so the cold won’t dry them out and burn them. 

  • Step 2. Put in the fridge.

Place it on the bottom of the fridge where it is colder. If you follow this process of keeping fresh blood sausages, you will keep them for 20 days. 

If you have a vacuum sealer machine, it could last 8 weeks. [1]

How to preserve frozen blood sausages

If you have ever wondered, is it possible to freeze blood sausages? Freezing is a reasonably effective method to keep blood sausages for several months. It is straightforward and has good results when you want to keep the blood sausages for the long term. 

So, how to keep frozen blood sausages? Below I show you the steps and tips to keep them in perfect condition.

  • Step 1. Cut the blood sausages.

Cut the black pudding into thick slices if you want to save some space, otherwise, skip this step. You should not wash them before freezing.

  • Step 2. Wrap the blood sausages in plastic film.

Spread plastic film on your countertop and place eight slices of black pudding. You must wrap it entirely and add another two layers of film. 

  • Step 3. Store in freezer.

Place the blood sausages in the freezer and try not to put anything on top.

When you keep blood sausages in the freezer, you can guarantee their quality and freshness for around 90 days.

How to preserve blood sausages in oil

Oil is one of the most functional methods for preserving food long-term and is an ancient method used to protect unrefrigerated black puddings. Blood sausages accept the preservation in oil; as long as you respect all the steps required for the perfect storage. Here is how:

  • Step 1. Choose dry blood sausages.

The blood sausages must be dry, so they do not explode when frying in the oil. 

  • Step 2. Cut the blood sausages.

You should cut blood sausages into thick slices

  • Step 3. Fry them.

Fry the blood sausages until they become brown on both sides. 

  • Step 4. Find a glass container.

The glass container should be sterilized and dry. When the blood sausages are browned, you must add them to the jar. 

You should discard the oil you used to fry the blood sausages.

  • Step 5. Add the oil to the glass container.

You should add the oil to the container with the blood sausage until you fill it. Then you must close tightly. 

  • Step 6. Store in the pantry.

This preparation of blood sausages in oil can be kept in the pantry; make sure it is fresh and dry. 

With this type of preservation, the blood sausages in oil can last in the pantry for around six months in perfect condition.

How do you know when blood sausages are bad?

Let’s see below the signs for you to identify that the blood sausages are in poor condition.

  • It has a layer on the whitish or bluish-green surface that indicates it has mold.
  • It has abnormal dark color on its inside and outside.
  • Blood sausages release a foul smell.
  • The texture becomes pasty.

How long do blood sausages last?

Conservation methodDuration time
Fresh blood sausages in the refrigerator20 days.
Blood sausages in the freezer3 months.
Blood sausages in oil6 months.

What is the best way to preserve blood sausages?

The best way to preserve fresh blood sausages is to wrap them in film paper and store them in the fridge to keep them for approximately 20 days.

As for keeping blood sausages long-term, you can choose to freeze them, which will last approximately 90 days. 

I hope you liked the ways to preserve blood sausages. It is straightforward and fast to do. Also, I invite you to read other posts I have prepared on various methods of food preservation and other products.


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