How to Store Dill (fridge, freezer, dried) Fresh

Dill is an herb widely used in gastronomy to season different meats, fish, and salads, but additionally, it also has medicinal properties. If you are a dill lover, I have this exciting post where you will learn how to store dill.

You can store the fresh dill in the fridge for about two weeks or freeze it for 4 to 6 months. To extend its shelf life even more, you can dehydrate it and keep it at room temperature for a year.

Store Dill

So please do not skip any step since I will explain in full detail what you have to do to keep dill fresh longer.

How to store dill in the fridge

Dill can be refrigerated in two ways because and choosing the right one will depend on which is easier to apply, so try to read both.

Refrigerate the dill with paper towels

  • Step 1: Wash the dill.

Chop the thickest part of the dill stem, then wash it with plenty of water. To dry it, you can use a salad spinner, and if you do not have one, shake the dill and then dry it with a clean towel or paper towel. Let the dill for 10 minutes outdoors to finish drying.

  • Step 2: Wrap the dill.

Now separate the dill into several bunches and wrap them with a slightly moistened paper towel. Then add another layer of dry paper towel.

  • Step 3: Put the dill in an airtight bag.

Put the wrapped dill bouquets in an airtight bag or container. Don’t squeeze them.

  • Step 4: Enter the storage date.

Write down the storage date to control shelf life.  

  • Step 5: Store the dill in the fridge.

Place the bag or container in the coldest part of the refrigerator (usually the bottom). From this time, the dill can remain fresh for two weeks in the fridge.   

Refrigerate the dill in a jar of water

Another way to preserve dill in the refrigerator is to keep it like a flower:

  • Step 1: Use a container as a vase.

To do this, you will require a glass or container that makes a “vase” to put the dill. Use glass.

  • Step 2: Prepare the dill.

Put the dill in the container and now proceed to fill it with water; you need to cover a third of the stem and ensure that the leaves do not touch the water. 

  • Step 3: Cover the dill with a bag.

Cover the dill with a plastic bag but do not need to close it.

  • Step 4: Write down the storage date.

You can write the storage date on the bag you put on top of the dill.

  • Step 5: Store the dill in the refrigerator.

Put the dill in an area that stays very cold, and the dill will remain cool for 7 to 10 days, and you should change the water every two days. 

How to freeze dill

Can you freeze dill? Of course, you can freeze dill; although it will lose its original texture when thawing, it will still taste good.

There are several ways to freeze dill, and I detail them below:

  • Step 1: Wash the dill.

Cut off the thickest part of the dill stem and get rid of it. Now wash the dill with enough water, and dry it with paper towels or a centrifuge cup. 

  • Step 2: Place the dill in airtight bags or ice cube molds.

You can freeze the dill in two ways. The first and most straightforward is to divide the dill and put it inside several airtight bags suitable for freezing.  

 I do not recommend freezing all the dill together because removing what you will need is more practical.

The other way to freeze the dill is to finely chop it and then put the chopped dill into an ice cube tray and cover it with water or oil.  

  • Step 3: Put the portions of dill in a large bag.

If you put the dill in several airtight bags, put them inside another larger bag to prevent frostbite. 

Whereas, in the case of ice cubes, expect them to freeze completely before unmolding and moving the frozen dill cubes into an airtight bag.

  • Step 4: Write down the storage date.

Write the date of freezing of the dill on the bag.

  • Step 5: Store the dill in the freezer.

Dill may remain frozen for a period of 4 to 6 months

You can cook it even if it is frozen or leave it overnight in the fridge or for 45 minutes at room temperature to thaw it.

Once thawed, you can not store it again in the fridge or freezer, so make sure to choose the right amount needed.

How to dehydrate dill

Another alternative for storing dill is dehydration. Before, you should wash and dry the dill, as I explained in the first steps of the previous methods. 

Dehydration is a great way to keep dill for a long time, and you can do it in several ways:

  • Dehydrate the dill outdoors.

This method takes a long time. First, separate the dill into several not-very-abundant bunches, then mark them from the bottom of the stems and hang it in a ventilated and dark place. 

After a week, the dill should be dry. If you squeeze it and do not fall apart on your fingers, you can leave it for a few more days. 

  • Dehydrate the dill in a food dehydrator.

Set the dehydrator’s temperature to 35°C (95°F) and dehydrate for 4 to 6 hours until the leaves crumble to the touch.  

  • Dehydrate the dill in the oven.

You should only consider this option if you can’t perform the other two methods above. 

Place the dill branches on wax paper or a nonstick sheet tray. Then set the oven temperature to the lowest it allows and bake for 1 hour, but check every 5 minutes after 40 minutes have passed. If the leaves fall apart when touched, you are ready to take them out.

How to store the dehydrated dill

To store the dry dill, you can remove the leaves from the stem and place them inside a jar with an airtight or screw lid in a dark, cool, dry place.  

Dehydrated dill can be at room temperature for 12 months. If you want it to last longer, transfer the dried dill leaves to an airtight bag and freeze them for 2 to 5 years.

How to preserve dill seeds

Dill seeds are also used for seasoning, and if you buy it at a food store, you have to keep them in a dark, dry, and cool place inside an airtight container. This way, dill seeds can last 1 or 2 years at room temperature.

But if you harvested the seeds directly from the dill plant, it is first recommended to put them inside a paper bag and store them in a dry, cool, and dark place for a week.

After this time, you should remove the plant roots that could have remained in the seeds and then leave them for another week at room temperature.

After two weeks, you can transfer the dill seeds to an airtight bag or container, place the storage date, and store them in a cool, dark, and dry place in your pantry. The dill seeds will keep for 10 to 12 months at room temperature.

How do you know if dill got bad?

When the dill has been spoiled, it will be wholly withered, meaning its leaves will be brown and no longer tasteful.

It is also not a good sign if the dill smells or tastes terrible and its leaves are viscous. In that case, it would be best to discard them.

If the dill has mold or, in other words, black or whitish spots or lint appear, you should throw it in the trash because it is contaminated and is not safe to eat.

How long does dill last?

Dill in the fridge (wrapped)2 weeks
Dill in the fridge (in water)7 – 10 days
Frozen dill4 – 6 months
Dehydrated dill at room temperature1 year
Dehydrated dill in the freezer2 – 5 years
Dill seeds at room temperature (store-bought)2 – 5 years
Dill seeds at room temperature (own harvest)10 – 12 months

What is the best way to preserve dill?

The best way to preserve dill is to wrap it with lightly moistened kitchen paper and put it inside an airtight container.

You can also keep the dill in water, but you have to change it regularly to avoid the development of bacteria.

Freezing dill is a long-term storage option, especially if you have a lot or/and don’t need fresh dill.

Another good alternative is to dehydrate the dill because it will maintain its flavor for a long time and at room temperature without requiring the fridge.

Dill seeds usually last a long time at room temperature, especially if they are store-bought in a store.

To know how to preserve some other herbs, you can consult this website, where you have a variety of topics that deal with food preservation at your disposal.

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