How to Store Buns (Homemade or Store bought)

Buns are baked pieces, usually in individual portions, of pastries. They are mostly sweet, but they can be salty or have filling, but how can we preserve the buns?

You can store unfilled buns at room temperature for 5 to 7 days and the ones with filling for up to 2 or 3 days. You can also freeze them for about three months.

Store Buns

If you want to learn how to preserve homemade pastries in the best way, keep reading.

Store buns at room temperature

The buns keep very well at room temperature if stored correctly and will be able to keep their freshness and flavor intact.

To safely store buns, I advise you to follow these steps properly:

  • Step 1: Let them cool down.

Homemade or freshly made buns should be allowed to cool completely before storing.

  • Step 2: Put in a bag or container with a lid.

Remember that it is better to use an airtight container.

  • Step 3: Save in a dark and cool place. 

Humid places that emit heat or direct light should be avoided, as they could mold or harden the buns.

When you store buns in this way, they can last between 5 and 7 days

Why can’t the buns be stored in the fridge?

In general, the refrigerator’s environment is unsuitable for bakery products, contrary to what might be believed. 

In the fridge, buns usually last less time than at room temperature since the refrigerator causes mold to develop faster, in addition to usually changing the flavor because they absorb a lot of the smell and taste of other foods.

It also causes them to dry much faster, which would harden them. For all this, storing the buns in the fridge is not recommended.

Keep buns in the freezer

Can buns be frozen? You can freeze the buns without any problem if the steps are followed to the letter. This is an ideal option to store buns for a few months since it is the only method that responds to the long-medium term.

To freeze the buns, you must follow these instructions:

  • Step 1: Cool the buns completely.

It would negatively affect their texture and consistency if stored even when hot. 

  • Step 2: Double wrap.

First with plastic to wrap, then with aluminum foil.

  • Step 3: Place the wrapped buns in an airtight bag or container.

These must be suitable for freezing. 

  • Step 4: Write down the storage date.

Set the storage date so you will know how long they have been saved.

  • Step 5: Save in the freezer.

If you keep the buns, as instructed, they may remain frozen for about three months[1]

Preserve stuffed buns

Preserving pastries is complicated since the buns have a large number of variants, among which are the stuffed buns. 

These would have the same conservation method as pastries without filling, but the duration would vary. You may store some stuffed buns at room temperature for 2 or 3 days.

However, the filling dramatically influences how you should preserve them. Some should be refrigerated, unlike unfilled buns that you should not store in the fridge.

In general, you should not freeze stuffed buns because when thawing, these would absorb so much moisture that it would ruin them.

To store stuffed buns in the fridge, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Cool.

You should completely cool buns fresh from the oven before storage.

  • Step 2: Line the container internally with wax paper.

A lining will protect the buns from moisture.

  • Step 3: Arrange the buns leaving space.

This will prevent them from absorbing moisture from the one next to them.

  • Step 4: Store in the coldest area of the fridge.

Place them at the bottom, away from the door. In this way, the buns can last about three days in good condition.

How do we know when the buns are in poor condition?

Buns are in poor condition when:

  • They develop mold.
  • They smell or taste stale.
  • They dry and harden.

Although you could eat the buns without problems in the latter, it would be different from eating a freshly baked bun. In the case of the first two options, it is advisable to discard them to avoid poisoning

How long do the buns last?

ProductConservation time
Buns at room temperature5 – 7 days
Buns in the freezer3 months
Stuffed buns at room temperature2 – 3 days
Stuffed buns in the fridge3 days

What is the best way to store buns?

The best way to preserve the buns is to store them at room temperature and in a cool and dark place since they do not spoil quickly or change flavor and consistency.

However, to store for a couple of months, it is best to freeze the buns, as these usually freeze well.

Refrigerating is only an option if the buns are filled. In this case, by the filling, it is convenient to keep them cold but not frozen. 

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