How to Store Bee Pollen (step by step)

There is a lot of talk about the benefits of bee pollen on the internet, but it is something that I am not going to analyze. But my matter of interest, and maybe yours too, is how to preserve bee pollen.

To preserve fresh bee pollen, you can store it in your pantry for up to six months. Also, dry it to extend its shelf life for a year. And if you have bought industrial pollen, you must keep it in the pantry.

Store Bee Pollen

Read on to learn all the ways to conserve bee pollen. 

How to preserve fresh bee pollen

Fresh bee pollen is very sensitive to moisture, so you should keep it in the pantry, not in the fridge. 

Below I show you the steps and tips to avoid decomposition problems.

  • Step 1. Look for glass containers. 

It would be best if you look for several small-sized glass containers to distribute the bee pollen, which is an essential tip to keep pollen fresh longer.

  • Step 2. Place bee pollen in glass containers.

When you have the clean and dry containers, add the fresh bee pollen to each one and close them tightly.

  • Step 3. Store in the pantry.

Remember, fresh bee pollen is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity because it spoils it so quickly. So the place where you place the containers should be dry and without moisture. Also, make sure that there is good ventilation which prevents mold or bacteria. 

Keeping fresh bee pollen in the pantry in glass containers can remain intact for 4-6 months. 

How to dry fresh bee pollen in the dehydrator

The drying method removes the moisture in different foods, so it is a form of effective long-term preservation. In the case of fresh bee pollen, you can dry it as it removes the moisture, approximately 30-40%. 

Using a dehydrator, let’s look at the steps to dry bee pollen at home.

  • Step 1. Heat the dehydrator.

Please turn on your dehydrator and place it at the lowest temperature to warm up for about 10 minutes. 

  • Step 2. Place waxed paper on the tray.

Waxed paper will make the pollen grains not fall off the tray.

  • Step 3. Place the bee pollen in the dehydrator trays.

Add the fresh bee pollen to the dehydrator tray. 

  • Step 4. Dry it.

You should dry for 10 hours at a temperature of 85°F (30°C). 

  • Step 5. Remove and let cool.

Once the pollen grains have dried, you should remove them and let them cool. 

  • Step 6. Transfer to a container.

Find a glass container and add the dehydrated bee pollen. Finally, close tightly.

  • Step 7. Label.

Place a label with the storage date. 

  • Step 8. Store in the pantry.

Put the container in an entirely moisture-free with good ventilation place. 

Dry bee pollen can last in your pantry for one year.

How to store the industrial bee pollen

Many supermarkets or health food stores sell processed bee pollen, so if you buy this product, it is essential to know the steps to preserve it. 

Storing the industrial or fresh bee pollen at room temperature is exactly the same. You need to follow two rules:

  1. Keep the bee pollen in its original container.
  2. Store it in a dark, cool, and moisture-free place. Let it away from heat sources as stoves.

This way of preserving bee pollen can remain intact for up to 6 months or the one specified by the manufacturer. 

Additional tip:

When you are going to consume it, you must use a plastic spoon that is dry and clean. Then, close the container again, preventing it from becoming contaminated or damaged.

How do you know when bee pollen is bad?

One of the problems that directly affect bee pollen is moisture. It is its primary enemy and causes it to be damaged quickly. Check the signs of decomposition now:

  • The color of bee pollen changes and becomes very dark
  • The smell of pollen grains is rancid
  • You notice that the pollen has mold in some of its parts
  • The taste of pollen is usually sweet, so if you try it and it has a sour or rancid taste, you should discard it.

How long does bee pollen last?

Product Duration
Fresh bee pollen in the pantry4-6 months.
Dry bee pollen1 year.
Industrial bee pollen in the pantry6 months.

What is the best way to conserve bee pollen?

The best way to preserve fresh or industrial bee pollen is at room temperature in the pantry or cupboard, and the shelf life varies from four to six months. 

The bee pollen’s main enemy is moisture, which is why the fridge or the freezer represents bad storage options and won’t extend its shelf life.

Suppose you have a large amount of fresh pollen. In that case, it is advisable to dry it using a dehydrator to eliminate all the moisture so you can preserve this product for a long time without worrying about it being damaged.

I hope you liked the ways to store bee pollen; each one is straightforward to do; follow the tips I gave you. Then, if you want to continue learning from other conservation methods, browse other posts, and you will surely learn a lot of what I have written. 

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