How to Store Hummus (chickpeas based)

Store Hummus

Hummus is a delicate dish, which changes composition and is damaged quickly, so I will answer the big question: How to preserve hummus for longer? Whether you have bought the hummus in the supermarket or have prepared it yourself, you can store it in the short term in the fridge, allowing you to keep it for 4 … Read more

How to Store Creole sauce (Salsa Criolla)

Store Creole sauce

The creole sauce is a typical recipe in Latinamerica that can not be missed when preparing a barbecue or the famous “asado.” If you have the pleasure of tasting this sauce, you will indeed wonder How to preserve creole sauce? It is possible to store the creole sauce for a week if you keep it refrigerated … Read more

How to Store Homemade Nachos (Leftovers)

Store Homemade Nachos

Nachos are, in essence, tortilla chips covered in melted cheese, although you can add other toppings such as meat, avocado, or sauces, so we need to figure out if there is any way to store nachos. I advise you that when you prepare nachos, eat them all the same day, although if you have some leftovers, you … Read more

How to Store Chimichurri (Homemade and Industrial)

Store Chimichurri

Chimichurri is a sauce used in roasted meats and is also used to marinate chicken and fish. It also goes well with a wide variety of dishes, and it can last a long time if you know how to preserve chimichurri correctly, which is today’s subject. Keep in mind that chimichurri contains herbs; therefore, it … Read more