How to Store Sea Salt for the long term

Sea salt is obtained when ocean water evaporates. I can be you use it a lot in cooking because it enhances food taste, especially meats, do you know how to store it? I do, and I will teach you.

Sea salt is a self-preserving ingredient, which means, it has a practically indefinite shelf life, it only requires storage in a dry and dark place, but it is recommended to consume before the first five years.

Store Sea Salt

To know precisely how to store sea salt, you must keep reading.

How to preserve sea salt?

Usually, sea salt comes in sealed plastic bags. This packaging preserves it very well; as long as you keep it in a dark and dry place, you can maintain it practically indefinitely

As soon as you uncover the sea salt packaging, or if the bag has some holes, I advise you to put the sea salt in a glass container with an airtight lid

Avoid using plastic, as it eventually degrades and contaminates the salt with tiny plastic particles. In addition, these containers filter out moisture, which could undo some grains of salt.

It is also not good to use metal containers because salt accelerates its oxidation, and the rust would contaminate the sea salt, and it would not be safe to ingest.

Sea salt can turn yellowish, especially if it is iodized, but this does not mean it has spoiled. However, it could mean losing a little of its flavor.

If you keep the sea salt in a glass jar and tightly covered and store it in a place free of moisture that is entirely dark, it will last you about five years or even more.

How do you know if sea salt got bad?

As mentioned at the beginning, sea salt is a self-preserving product and is also often used to preserve various foods, especially meats, known as cured meats.

However, this does not mean it cannot be “damaged.” At the very least, ingesting it if it is contaminated with something else, such as soil or some chemical substance, is not recommended. 

Water can dissolve it, although it takes time to do so. However, it is not recommended to keep sea salt once wet.

Does sea salt spoil?

Technically, sea salt does not spoil, as it is self-preserving. However, although it can absorb moisture, it eventually evaporates, and bacteria and other microorganisms cannot develop without it.

However, sea salt can be contaminated if it falls into some liquid, soil, or other components such as rust or plastic spores that do not damage sea salt but are not safe for human consumption.  

For this reason, it is essential to store it correctly to prevent any contaminant from falling into it.

How long does sea salt last?

As I mentioned, sea salt can last practically indefinitely, although some manufacturers recommend using it for a stipulated time.

Sea salt, packaged and sealed5 years – indefinitely
Sea salt, in a glass jar5 years or more

What is the best way to preserve sea salt?

Undoubtedly, the best way to preserve sea salt is to store it in a moisture-free place that is entirely dark, in a glass container, so that you will keep it almost indefinitely.

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